Reels Template for Instagram – New ways to create reels in 2023

  • March 7, 2023
  • Moeeza Nadeem
  • 4 min read

ReelsAI application allows you to create reels for Instagram using different templates. Creating videos by ReelsAI gives you the best results of Instagram creations. You can create any Reels Template for Instagram by adding any of the music and templates of your choice.

Having reels template for Instagram can make a quick action. It saves your time and and creates by the given template. Making it, editing, adjusting sound is compressed into less time. You can just jump into more views. It is a huge time saving hack!

How is ReelsAI useful for content creators?

Each new element ReelsAI emerges influences the manner in which we make content, at last influencing how we market our brands. Once in a while these changes are made at times they’re a treasure of motivation. Promoting, branding, and making your content grow is the key point. It is the mixture of creating it.

Here are the different ways you can create Reels Template for Instagram formats by ReelsAI to have an impact on the audience for which you make content.

How do I create reels using Instagram templates?

 Creating reels using Instagram templates by the ReelsAI application is the easiest way!

Find a Template

There are two different ways of finding templates on ReelsAI:

  • Visit the ReelsAI application, then tap in the camera and explore the trendy templates.
  • While watching the reels in your feed, select any of it and go for “Try now” button

Use the Template

You can place your clips by your own. Adjust them however you want by selecting your photos or videos from your camera or gallery.

Adjust Clips

Once you have selected the clips, adjust them according to the time ratio that what clip has to have what duration.


After adjusting the duration of the clips, just export the video. Also, then you can add some stickers, filters or drawings during the upload on Instagram.

How do I create free and editable Instagram reels video templates?

Create your own videos by using ReelsAI application. It provides you with the free editable templates where you can adjust accordingly.

By ReelsAI application you can have multiple Reels Template for Instagram for branding and promoting the content. There are templates which are free for creating the videos. Those are editable with duration and adjustment in the number of clips and videos.

You can pick the template and create it easily!

How to use this new feature?

Using the new feature of creating reels, is clearly shown up in ReelsAI. It’s the easiest way of creating maximum videos. Also it has a option of creating existing videos.

You can re-use the existing content for example the Instagram stories. You can merge, adjust the clips and duration, then export the video with the existing content!

How to find reels templates

When you open the application, click the camera symbol on your screen and select the photos or videos.” Browse the list of layouts to find one that best accommodates your imaginative goal.
Any Reel having at least three clasps can be used as a template. This includes your own Reels. You can create any reel of your choice involving your own Reels and existing reels.

You can likewise utilize the in-application camera to record cuts that automatically sync to the template and its sound. Also, can pick your template and afterward records the clips to fit in it.

That’s a wrap. Now that you know the details about this amazing application. Let us know what you think of it and which Templates are inspiring you to make a reels.

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