How to Make Money With Instagram Reels

  • March 9, 2023
  • Moeeza Nadeem
  • 3 min read

Instagram Reels monetization is genuine, and this choice isn’t only saved for famous people. Anybody can make slice of this pie on the off chance that they are keen. Assuming you’re considering how to bring in cash and get compensated with Instagram Reels, read on to find out about the techniques you can attempt.

Instagram usually makes several updates with the application so people can monetize their accounts and make their content.

Eligibility criteria to earn on Instagram

As long as you have a business or maker record (and admittance to the program) you should simply share Reels to Facebook and Instagram. Instagram will pay out on Reels that get at least 1,000 views north of a 30-day time frame.

Things which are prohibited for monetization:

  • Sexual, violent, profane, or hateful content.
  • Static and looping videos
  • Image slideshows
  • Misinformation
  • Unoriginal and misleading content
  • Polarizing or inflammatory content relating to race, gender, age, or other sensitive subjects.


  • 500+ followers
  • Have an engagement rate of 2% or more
  • Rich, high-quality content

How to Get Monetized on Instagram Reels

Influencer marketing

Become a influencer. It is the most popular way of making views on Instagram. It’s a perfect marketing strategy which works with creators. You can do collaboration with brands too. Create multiple videos and trend in the audience to get more chances of getting viral.


it encourages makers to post Reels, Instagram sent off a reward program, which rewards clients in view of how frequently they post Reels and how they perform.


Go live with your audience.

At the point when you go live, audience can purchase badges going from $0.99 to $4.99 and support the makers they love – up to $250 worth of identifications per Live video. Best of all, as of September 2022, makers keep $100 of their income from badges got.

Account process

  • Go to “Profile.”
  • Tap “Professional Dashboard.”
  • Tap “Set Up badges.”
  • You’ll possibly see this in the event that you’re eligible.
  • Set up your payout details.
  • Note: You will just get compensated whenever you’ve acquired somewhere around $25.
  • Go Live.


  • Be 18 years old or more.
  • Be situated in the US.
  • Badges are accessible on a welcome just to makers in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, Australia, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, and the UK.
  • Have a Maker or Business account.
  • Have somewhere around 10,000 supporters.
  • Comply with Instagram’s Accomplice Adaptation strategies and content rules.

How to Earn Money With Instagram Reels Play Bonus

Before you take advantage of any chance, your initial step ought to deliver excellent and quality that requests to your crowd – that will position you to be qualified whenever Instagram’s searching for makers to test monetization tools.

  • At the point when the Reels Play reward is free for you, you’ll have 30 days to get everything rolling.
  • Once began, you will have 30 days to procure the reward.
  • During the 30 day time span you can pick however many Instagram Reels as you might want to figure in with your bonus payout.
  • To pick a Reel for the reward program, select “Reels Play Reward” from the Rewards page before to sharing your Reel.

How ReelsAI Will Help You Increase Your Audience

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Gathering views and creating multiple videos is the real magic anyone could give to their profile. Transitions, templates and audios with a quick action will give your reels a boost!

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